Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why Adrian Peterson Getting Close is Enough

Is 9 yards short of the record a close enough call?

In short, yes! The strategies of most NFL teams today are "West Coast Offenses". In other words, the strategy is either touchdown or check down to the running back. This north/south approach relies on a quarterback with an accurate arm, and talented wide receivers. However, all this does is discount the importance of a dynamic running back. Adrian Peterson, however, is one of the few exceptions in the league. He was able to become the centerpiece of the Minnesota Vikings, and waltz his team into a playoff spot. This is atypical of teams today who are reliant on the pass attack.

More importantly, when you compare Eric Dickerson's record to Adrian Peterson's attempt, it is clear that Adrian Peterson came dangerously close to breaking a record in which the odds were stacked against him. Dickerson had roughly 40 more rushing attempts to achieve his monumental number that Peterson did. What does that mean? Peterson, who is one year removed from a debilitating surgery, was one of the most efficient runners in history, averaging six yards per carry. This is a nearly unattainable number over the course of the season, eclipsing even the legendary Jim Brown's average.

With all of these factors taken into account, it is clear that although Peterson fell short in terms of final numbers, true football fans do not discount the performance Peterson put on in 2012. After the game he appeared unaware in his interview that he was only 9 yards from shattering the record. He will play next week against the same team, the Green Bay Packers. He will undoubtedly rush for greater than 9 yards at that time and he will undoubtedly be heralded by many as potentially the greatest running back of all time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Injuries Abound in Week 14....

How do Injuries Affect Your Fantasy Playoffs?

Several of the key injuries that took place this week will undoubtedly make you think twice about starting them. Many key running backs are involved in tight divisional races. Consider the injuries on the following players:

Ahmad Bradshaw, Running Back, New York Giants After showing some flashes of brilliance he once again hurt his knee and Coach Tom Coughlin is uncertain as to his ability to play next week.

Donald Brown, Running Back, Indianapolis Colts This powerhouse was a big contributor to Andrew Luck's success as a rookie. Brown's injury placed him on the injured reserve for the rest of the year

Fred Jackson, Running Back, Buffalo Bills If you're a fantasy owner you know how Jackson has top ten running back potential. After a Grade 1 knee sprain. The Bills coaching staff shut Jackson down for the season

Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys Since his Thanksgiving performance, Dez has been unstoppable. A fractured index may not keep him off the field, but it will surely hurt his ability to catch

Robert Griffin III, Quarterback, Washington Redskins After an MRI revealed a sprained knee, Griffin was given the option to practice. Griffin tweeted that he feels great and ready to go for Sunday. RG3 owners can only hope that his knee can sustain the running!

Good luck in your fantasy playoffs, and other football related endeavors!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NFL Fantasy Analysis for Week 14

What Running Backs Are Good For Your Lineup Week 14

Perhaps you have made it to the coveted second round of your fantasy playoffs? Continue your playoff run, and take it to the next level by making all of the right calls!

Darren McFadden is scheduled to make his return to the Raider's starting line-up. Back up tailback, Michael Goodson should be back, also. What does this mean? There will be very few touches for Marcel Reece who was doing a great job bearing the load in Oakland.
Next, be sure to get C.J. Spiller in your lineup, if you have him. This Bill's running back has been seeing fewer carries because of the presence of a healthy Fred Jackson. However, like the new hybrid-style running back, Jamaal Charles, he knows exactly how to get large chunks of yards per carry. Also. With Bill's receiverStevie Johnson out with a strained hamstring, look for the Bill's to try to use Spiller in the screen game.
A surprising start on our list is Ahmad Bradshaw. The fiesty Giant's running back has only had a few breakout moments this season. However, after coming off a heartbreaking Monday night loss vs. the Redskins, Bradshaw will have a chance to gash the run-friendly N.O. Saints this week!

Who should you think twice before starting?

Although Dolphin's running back, Reggie Bush has had what some would call a fantastic year, he is facing a very stout San Francisco defense. This is one of the top run-defending defenses, and they are coming off a shocking overtime upset vs. St. Louis. Look for the 49'ers to load the box on Bush.
New England sensation, Stevan Ridley has had an outstanding season. We know the Texans are looking to make a statement game against the powerful New England offnese. J.J. Watt, and Brooks Reid are talented enough to contain the explosive Ridley from making long runs.
Abandon all hope you had leading up to the season that Ryan Matthews would have an amazing season. He has fallen far short of expectations this year. The Charger's are now relying on Philip River's arm to get them through the game.

Whoever you start, always check the match-ups, and last minute reports here for the latest news regarding fantasy, injuries, and NFL Highlights!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Injuries to Consider From Week 13

Consider the following injured NFL players

This week led to a lot of injuries for players at many positions. For example, Wide receiver Sidney Rice received a vicious hit that left him dazed and barely able to stand at the end of last week's Bears vs. Seattle game. He is doubtful for next week's game.

Next, Jordy Nelson,Green Bay's stand out receiver is out for next week's game after sustaining a serious hamstring injury. Coach, Mike McCarthy claims the injury is not very serious, but he probably won't play.

Terrell Suggs, the defensive tackle sustained a torn bicep, and is uncertain about next week's game.

Dustin Keller, the Jet's tight end has an ankle injury that coach, Rex Ryan, hopes will not put a damper on his ability to play next week.

After scoring his first touchdown of the season, Bear's wide receiver,Earl Bennett was treated for concussion-like symptoms. He tweeted that he is doing just fine, but Bear's coaching staff will likely be cautious about using him next week.

Philadelphia Eagle's QuarterbackMichael Vickis still out with a concussion. He was just demoted, according to head coach, Andy Reid. Nick Foles, the rookie quarterback is now the starter in Philadelphia.

With all of these injuries, it will be easier to decide who should start on your fantasy teams

Also, it becomes easier to predict the playoff picture moving forward. For instance, stand out linebacker,Brian Urlacher, may miss the rest of the season with a strained hamstring. This is significant because there are still tough divisional opponents which are scheduled for December. He is a key player on Chicago's defense and his presence will be sorely missed.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chief's Linebacker commits suicide

In a harrowing display of terror, Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher committed suicide in the parking lot of Arrowhead stadium. Belcher, 25, first killed his girlfriend in a Kansas city suburb, and then drove back to Kansas City Chief's Arrowhead stadium. There he encountered Mr. Pioli, the KC Chiefs General Manager, and Romeo Crennel, the Chief's Coach. After they tried to talk him down from doing anything to make the situation worse, Belcher thanked them for everything that they had done. He promptly shot himself immediately afterwards.

Belcher's story is coming to the limelight after many suspect that repeated head trauma caused schizophrenic tendencies in Belcher. Belcher plays a position that takes lots of abuse on a daily basis. Former all-pro linebacker Junior Seau also was a stand out player who played with reckless abandon. Studies are being conducted whether or not the repeated impacts feasibly contribute to dementia, schizophrenia, or even more detrimental emotional problems. Our prayers go out to the Belcher family, his girlfriend's family, and all parties involved. Hopefully, the medical community can sort this out soon, before others are hurt.


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