Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012-2013 Wild Card Predictions

There are many who say wild card teams, or teams with a relatively low record, do not have a chance to come close to winning the super bowl. Startling statistics show that the wild card teams are sometimes dominant forces in the playoffs. In recent history, the 2011 Green Bay Packers, and the 2010 New York Giants were able to make incredibly runs from the playoff spot to hoist the Lombardi trophy. What does this mean? That a record number of wild card teams are doing better, since the switch to the 12 team playoff format adopted in 1990. Here are some of our bold predictions.

Wild Card Weekend NFC Playmakers
Minnesota over Green Bay. Though the Packers have a vaunted defense led by Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji, the offense led by captain Aaron Rodgers is prolific. Is that enough of a crutch to match the speed of 2000 yard rusher Adrian Peterson? In week 17, the Packers lost to the surging Vikings on the last play of the game. Look for the Vikings to show up confidently ready to make a huge statement. Though the game will be close, we can easily see the Vikings putting the game on Peterson's shoulder to control the clock and wear down the defense. Also, we predict Ponder having a passer rating of over 85.00. This is because he will only have to connect with receivers enough times to keep the Packers Defense guessing as to what the next play is going to be. They have met 18 times in the post season and the team to win in the last game before the postseason won just over 55% of the actual post-season game. So history is definitely on the side of the vikings.

Washington over Seattle. One of the greatest stories in football this year was "RG3". Robert Griffin III took the team over, and frustrated defenses all over the league with his strong arm, and incredibly quick feet. The addition of running back, Alfred Morris, added to that talent. Not only will Washington probably triumph, but they have the potential to be this year's dark horse NFC contender. This will be a very interesting game to watch, as Seattle has a very good chance to keep things close. We're looking for a great performance from Seahawk's running back, Marshawn Lynch. In addition, there will be many opportunities for Seahawk's quarter back, Russel Wilson to use his legs. He plays a similar style to RG3. However, we think Washington is a much more dynamic team than the Seahawks. Also, the Redskins have the coaching experience, under Mike Shanahan. We predict a 3 point victory for the Redskins.

Houston over Cincinnati. Everyone knows that the Bengals have been enjoying one of the biggest runs ever having won 7 out of their last 8 games. Also, Houston lost their number 1 seed and their right to a bye. However, even with Houston's sluggish performance, Cincinnati does not have the DB's and safeties to match up with Andre Johnson. Also, Arian Foster should be able to run the ball effectively against a suspect defensive line. His flexibility as a receiver will help him catch many screens out of the backfield as well. The interesting factor here, is that Andy Dalton grew up in Texas, and has played at Reliant Stadium in Houston. He has only lost one of those 3 times. This could be an X factor. However we still believe the Texans will roll to victory with big defensive plays out of "J.J. Swatt", candidate for Defensive Player of the Year.

Baltimore over Indianapolis. Before last week, we were prepared to say that the Colts were in a good position to win the game. However, after legendary linebacker, Ray Lewis, announced his retirement the Ravens were immediately fired up. Knowing this is the last run of Lewis, the man who played 17 seasons, and won Super Bowl MVP, they will be looking to put pressure on Andrew Luck early and often. Look for Luck's inexperience to be a factor in this game as he may throw at least 2 interceptions. Don't forget the bitter taste in the Raven's mouth that came from Billy Cundiff missing a critical field goal that would have led to overtime, last season. Luck, and the Colts, will definitely keep it closer than many people think, but the expertise of Ray Rice, and Torrey Smith should play a huge factor in this game. We're taking Baltimore by 7 points.

The scores don't always tell the whole story of the football games. We'll be sure to give you the breakdowns in the next post. See you in the next round!!

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