Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chief's Linebacker commits suicide

In a harrowing display of terror, Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher committed suicide in the parking lot of Arrowhead stadium. Belcher, 25, first killed his girlfriend in a Kansas city suburb, and then drove back to Kansas City Chief's Arrowhead stadium. There he encountered Mr. Pioli, the KC Chiefs General Manager, and Romeo Crennel, the Chief's Coach. After they tried to talk him down from doing anything to make the situation worse, Belcher thanked them for everything that they had done. He promptly shot himself immediately afterwards.

Belcher's story is coming to the limelight after many suspect that repeated head trauma caused schizophrenic tendencies in Belcher. Belcher plays a position that takes lots of abuse on a daily basis. Former all-pro linebacker Junior Seau also was a stand out player who played with reckless abandon. Studies are being conducted whether or not the repeated impacts feasibly contribute to dementia, schizophrenia, or even more detrimental emotional problems. Our prayers go out to the Belcher family, his girlfriend's family, and all parties involved. Hopefully, the medical community can sort this out soon, before others are hurt.

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