Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And Then There Were 8.....

Is it always good for a team to be on the bye week? Not necessarily. In the past three playoff seasons, teams who didn't have a bye week had more wins and more momentum going into the final games of the season. Yes, it helps the team recover from injuries, but it seems as though the risks far outweigh the benefits. As coaches, and team management begin to understand this, look for teams to aim for a valuable #3 seed. This will never be something that no team/coach will ever admit, but it will be done.

Case in point: Many people didn't feel like Green Bay played their hardest football in the final quarter of the final game of the season, vs. the Minnesota Viking. They were playing for a bye, but came up short. The Packers appeared nonchalant and unmotivated to win. Were they strategically aiming for the #3 sport, or were they outplayed? Now that the league knows more about the practice, look for sanctions to be put into play.....


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